cosmetic plastic surgery in iran

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 cosmetic plastic surgery in iran
Iran is a country where you can find many plastic surgeons who are specialized in most fields of plastic surgery. The Majority of Iranian plastic surgeons are the members of “Iranian Society of Plastic Surgeons”, which is one of the oldest medical societies in the world established in 1956. Moreover, most of them have also the memberships of other international medical societies such as the “American Society of Plastic Surgeons” and The “International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” (ISAPS).

The great proficiency of Iranian plastic surgeons is because of their many years of training and experience in different fields of plastic surgery. It includes maxillofacial surgery, body contouring surgery, lower body lift, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgeries. Iranian plastic surgeons have completed specialized fellowships in plastic and reconstructive surgeries at top quality American, European and Iranian universities and hospitals.

If you are hoping to find the best plastic surgeons, you should pay Iran a visit and look for them. The plastic surgeons in Iran are the best and they operate plastic surgeries of all types such as a nose job in the prices that can be easily afforded. It must be mentioned that the result of the surgeries will be amazing and satisfying.

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