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Mehrnigori a Tajik singer, musician was born to a Russian speaking mother and a Tajik speaking father. She left Tajikistan at a very young age with her family and settled for a short time in Lontoon before residing in London England.

Her passion for music and singing even since her younger days drove her to join a choir during her school years. She graduated as a Business Administrator from collage in London and decided to get into music again and pursue her dream in Music World. Winning multiple awards as Tajik Female Artist including best New Female Artist of the year (5 Times) Best live Performer, Best Song of the Year, Best Video of the Year, best Tajik Woman Icon, etc. She was also able to be names “Star of Voice” by International Tajik Artists Association.

Mehr videos have been viewed by millions on youtube, she has been able to reach the biggest followers on any Tajik Artist on Istagram and her facebook page has been within top category of Tajik Artists worldwide. As a true musician she writes and composes her own music and she was the first Tajik Artist whose songs have been broadcasted internationally on channels like MTV World, BBC World, B4U, Aljazeera, etc.

Mehrnigori has performed over 100 concerts worldwide. With a range of both male and female audiences from 3 years to 65+ years old, she is credited to be the first Tajik artist of the new generation to have brought back “Live Performance” inside Tajikestan. She is well known for her stylish dresses, beauty, glamour and an established reputation of a talented “Live Performer” to the Mehrnigor Music Industry.


Granted the title of "Star of Voice" or "Sitara-e Awaz" by the International Artist Association of Tajikistan in 2013.
- Best New Female Artist of the Year - ATN - 2010
- Best Video of the Year - ATN - 2011
- Best Female Artist of the Year - AATV - 2012
- Best Live Performer of the Year - AATV - 2012
- Best Female Artist of Tajikistan- (BAMA International)
- Best Female Artist of Tajikistan - Rumi Awards - 2014
- Best Female Artist of the Year - AATV - 2014
- Best Song of the Year - AATV - 2014
- Best Icon Award - AATV - 2014
- Best Female Artist of Tajikistan- (BAMA International)
- Best Female Artist Music Awards - 2016

Personal Information

Mehrnigori Rustam born in 14, October 1994 Khavlng, singer and musician from Tajikistan. she has a family of artists and people of culture was born. Mehrnigori education in the field of opera in the School of International City Monday completed and the 2014 National TV and Radio Committee of Tajikistan is working. Mehrnigori from childhood to art, music and singing great interest and was trying to learn the intricacies of this high art. Over time, his art was popular in her songs suspect was held in Tajikistan. she is the great grand daughter of Professor Abdul Rahim Rustam, of the famous musicians Dutar is Tajikistan, Dutar playing in the style of the local Tajik learned. In addition to his native language speaking ability languages English , Russian and Turkish as well. Mehrnigori in singing in the style of opera , pop and traditional Tajik works, while playing the instrument Dutar Tajik addition, in learning to play guitar well is good; and he said, playing his guitar with use of the internet for the duration of one week is learned.she also composed some of his works have also been undertaken. Video "The Rain Song" which includes pieces he speaks Persian , Turkish and Arabic , the prize "Watch Me» (Tamoshow Music) bring to these women artists.

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