Minerva Consulting Ltd.

Minerva Consulting Ltd.
1633 MacKay Avenue
North Vancouver, BC V7P0A2

We are a management consulting firm in Vancouver, BC, helping startups and small businesses achieve their commercial objectives and solve their business challenges.
We help startups in the pre-launch planning or early operating phase by performing comprehensive business analysis to provide a realistic picture of the prospects of the business, and guide planning and decision-making activities. This analysis includes data gathering and processing, strategy formulation, operational analysis, financial assessments, business plan compilation, and other unique relevant deliverables.
We help small operating businesses by working with them to overcome their current challenges or plan for future goals. Whether a business is facing declining profits, operational inefficiencies, expansion mandates, strategic or financial decisions, prospects for selling the business, or other unique challenges, we have the analytical and technical skills, and the experience to provide effective guidance. We do this by understanding and framing the challenges and objectives of the business, identifying the sources of the problems or opportunities, performing in-depth and thorough qualitative and quantitative analyses on the problems or opportunities, and producing solutions that help management achieve their desired results. 
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